3 Ply Mask

3 ply disposable face masks are Great for daily protection from allergens, and airborne pollutants helping you breathe easier while also protecting others from your coughs and sneezes.

3 ply masks consist of 3 layers These face masks are made of an outer layer of non- woven fabric, a middle layer made of a filter fabric, and an inner layer made of a soft, skin gentle facial tissue. Fluid resistant, unlike cloth masks, to provide protection against large droplets or sprays of bodily fluids.

With every day use in mind, these masks are designed   to be comfortable with extra soft elastic ear loops with non- woven, skin-friendly fibers to  eliminate pressure to the outer ear.

3 ply disposable face masks are generally one size and Disposable face mask comfortably fits most adults and children, perfect for the whole family.

3 ply disposable face masks are Ideal for every day use; running errands or visiting public areas such as grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, post offices, public work spaces and more – where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.