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Twin Gemini Global Supply Corporation

Twin Gemini Global Supply Corporation is one of the world’s leading medical supply chain service companies – sources Personal Protection Equipment and medical supplies for governments, health organizations, hospitals, and private companies, supporting worldwide efforts for you during this Pandemic!
Our distribution offices are strategically placed globally in the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Holland and Switzerland.
We are offering a full range of multimodal Transport Solutions & Services.

Air Freight

In a fast-moving world many of our clients require medical supplies delivered as soon as possible. Air freight is the fastest, most secure, and direct shipping solution that takes an average 7 days from ordering to deliver products to reach the destination airport. We offer air freight logistics and air charter services that are cost effective, affordable and accessible for all our clients.

Ocean Freight

Finding cost effective solutions is every company’s goal! Ocean freight will take from 2 to 4 weeks to get from departure Asia to your destination, cost effective with a price/performance unmatched offer that will significantly reduce logistics costs for our clients. Our International Ocean Freight services can handle all types of sea freight regardless of volume. We have a dedicated team with extensive knowledge that has excellent connections with the top freighters of the sea freight industry.

Road & Rail Freight

After reaching one of our regional distribution centers, the orders are then sorted and delivered to their final destinations. Road transport is a fast and secure method of freight carriage and remains a versatile option today. Our logistical team with our road transport specialists work 24/7 to offer you the largest possible range of road logistic options globally. We plan the most economical route whilst ensuring that we meet your deadline and select the most suitable vehicle for your road freight.
But there is more: We are heavily involved in a low carbon logistics initiative switching container national shipping from road to rail logistics wherever this is practical. We are also working with a number of clients shipping supplies from China to Europe via the new overland rail route and freight trains which offer quicker transit times than sea and cheaper prices than airfreight. We can strike the right balance between cost efficiency and improved transit times for your supplying needs! By working together today, we bring to reality a better tomorrow!

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