Twin Gemini Global Supply Corporation

Twin Gemini Global Supply Corporation was established by a group of like-minded successful entrepreneurs coming together, after they identified that sourcing medical supplies in the wake of the corona virus pandemic, is essential to supporting those who would be involved.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds with an unprecedented network in business such as manufacturing, biotech, Healthcare,

technology, distribution, we developed a global supply chain platform to become cost effective and serve directly to service governments, health organizations, emergency workers, hospitals and various medical groups; who have stepped up to the front line of this devastating pandemic. We understand the world will never be the same as before, therefore we combined forces to support reliability as your trusted supplier.

With our best business practices in place, lead by example and implemented our fair-practice global supply chain platform to focus on speed, best price and service to sustain the precious relationship.

Our mission is to alleviate the strain due to a lack of medical products by supplying those affected as quickly and as efficiently as possible, while building trust and long-lasting relationships to help overcome this pandemic.All our items cataloged have gone through a stringent due diligence process and are certified with all the necessary approvals.
From Twin Gemini’s first concept phase and going into its third; we are now proud to be engaging in the private industry sector which includes and not limited to food distribution, hospitality networks, schools, sporting facilities and much more.
Our distribution offices are strategically placed globally in the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Holland and Switzerland.
We look forward to being a part of your supply, in supporting you in the combat of this pandemic, by building long term business relationships with you.Please do not hesitate contacting us so that we can regularly update you with our innovative products and news reports from our team of experts.
To all the front line workers, we commend you! You are our heroes!
We are here to help support your every PPE need.
– Twin Gemini Global Supply Corporation

“Providing the world with medical supplies to protect the ones you love.”

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